• on-line GPS vehicle tracking
  • company car abuse control (fuel saving and vehicle depreciation)
  • check mileage and fuel consumption
  • vehicle security, followed by guarding the PCA counter
  • automatic generation of reports for the financial authority - Logbook
  • drivers identification
  • two-way communication dispatcher <-> driver (using Garmin navigation devices)
  • hungarian toll system HU-GO, TimoCOM support
  • textual and graphical summaries of traffic
  • data export to PDF, XLS, XML, GPX...
  • The service is available from any computer with Internet access.

    GPS unit can be installed anywhere on your location.

    LogisCarE system is suitable for small business owners, individuals, large and small fleets.

    GPS tracking system LogisCarE provides an overview of the company vehicles and construction equipment, the utilization of vehicles and drivers to follow the traffic rules and simplifying administration.

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